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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


My boy's style reflects mine. I like to dress up and he won't be left short. He's almost two and a half years old,  he doesn't know squash about clothing, shoes or style in general but he likes it when I compliment him when I'm finished dressing him. It's fun to play around with his little outfits, it's like I'm dressing a doll.
Ever since I found out I was pregnant I immediately bought an outfit for "him", that was before knowing the gender. It was a Rolling Stone graphic t shirt and a pair of slip-on sneakers with a printed skull. My plan was to buy a pink tutu skirt if it was a girl or a pair of jeans for a boy, which I did when I found out I was having one. I still have it as a keepsake, it's super adorable. So from there on I started buying him the cutest shirts, t shirts and pants I could find. I never liked characters or theme outfits, and the coordinated outfits some store carry, where the child, boy or girl is dressed up head to toes in a monochromatic outfit. No way I'll dress him up like that, there's plenty of choices to mix and match. When I'm shopping for Oli, I like mix  brands like Children's Place with J Crew Cuts or GAP, Gymboree with Zara Kids. And if I'm looking for something truly unique I'll stop by either TJ Maxx or Marshalls where designer pieces are at incredible prices. So today I decided to show off my little man's style in various photos taken starting this Winter up until last Summer Enjoy!