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Friday, February 17, 2012


Hi all,
Welcome to my blog, Everyday & Everything with Chacha.
This is my first blog ever.  I'm a blog-virgin. But don't be alarmed it's going to be a smooth and fun ride.
 I'm super excited to be starting something new, something to express myself, my curiosities and creativity. To inform you and get some feed back from you, my future blog readers.

This blog was made with the merely intention to have fun learning new things, old things and everything in between. I want to share this with my friends, and I'm pretty sure they will be eager to share their thoughts and experiences with me. In this blog we're going to talk about fashion, lifestyle, family and friends; about daily life and now that I'm a new mom we're definitely talking about babies.
Everyday we're going to talk about a different topic.  So Lets get started and keep reading to get a taste of what Everyday & Everything with Chacha is all about.

Let's talk about "couponing".
Who likes to go grocery shopping with coupons in tow? Well I'm not too fond of it because my pride it's a little bit bigger than my wallet. And like me there's lots of people out there. We feel ashamed, cheap, etc. etc. But wait, who likes to find that pair of jeans that you're dying to get your ass into for the last six month marked $99 with 60% off when you bring the coupon into the store!? Me!! I'll be the first in line for that bargain. And yes, I'll be thrill to use that coupon for a pair of jeans but not for groceries. Shame on me.
So lately I decided that if I can print and bring a coupon to the store for that pair of jeans why not do it for groceries as well.

Just in case you're not aware yet, the economy is not "Cindy Crawford" right now. It's not pretty and it's not a model economy at all.
After experiencing motherhood I know how expensive a baby can be; between baby gear, baby formula, clothing etc. I realized it feels really good to get $5.00 off  Similac, $3.00 off  at CVS  and 20% off at Baby's R Us. Uff, it's a lot of savings. So lets start "couponing", there's nothing to be embarrassed about it. If they supply it, why not use them. Be proud to save and be " My couponing partners in crime" and tell me your best offers and places for couponing so we can all benefit from our "Not Cindy Crawford economy".

With Love by, Chacha.
http://thekrazycouponlady.com/ http://couponing.com/