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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Home Sweet Home : Faux Mantel

It  wasn't my original project after all but it worked out perfectly.
I had a totally different idea of what today's post was going to be for Home Sweet Home.
It all started when one of my favorite DIY bloggers from Shanty-2-Chic posted a simple, affordable sign/picture holder. I immediately started collecting some of the items needed. The only thing missing was the  board to make the sign. At first I thought I could use one I have at home but when I checked the measurements , it was too small.
So I didn't have the main item to do the project, but lucky me (that's what I said to myself) on my way home I found three beautiful pieces of wood (boards to be exact) all tied up like they were waiting for me to pick them up. I was super happy, I got three instead of one. Another bummer, they were also a few inches too small for what I needed them for. Freak time!! What Am I going to do for my next post? Brainstorm time. I went into my Pinterest board Holidays-crafts-decor-ideas and saw one pin on how to make Fall Mantels decor. Bingo! And the Faux Mantel came to life. ( I call it The Faux Mantel because they are usually on top of a fire place.)
 I searched for my tools, grabbed one of the boards and got to work.
Below is the list of things I used and the cost of some but most of it I already owned:
  • Rustic wood board/ shelf: Free found on the street
  • Two white wall brackets: $1.49 each
  • Mini pumpkins: $1.00 each
  • Leaves: Free courtesy of my neighborhood trees
  • Planted pansies: $1.00 at the Farmers Market
  • Flower pot: Free,  it was a heavenly smelling candle from Anthropologie.
  • Coral seashell: Free (part of my Seashell collection)
  • Antique pulley and mini wooden shoes : gifts
  • Wooden coasters: gift
  • Shell Mirror: Made by me  (story coming up in a future post)
Grand Total cost : $6.98
But it was literally free, since the stuff I paid for I already had at home for other projects in mind.
My little helper
My great find, ready to go

In place

Antique mini wooden shoes from France

Mini pumpkin on a wooden coaster

Antique wooden pulley

 The living room area

Love, Chacha