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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BEAUTY EDITION : Hair Diaries.

I changed my hairstyle in 2013 more than the past 10 years all together. I like change. My natural hair being very curly, spiral, almost perfect that some people could swear it was fake hair or a perm. But I still got bored with it sometimes. I think because I know they will get back to shape when I let them grow, I keep cutting it. With hair color I'm less enthusiastic, it's more time consuming that a hair cut. So I usually stick to natural hues, browns, natural black and a honey color that faded during the summer time and looked blondish.
This week I'm going to dedicate my posts to changes. Like I mentioned on my last post, change is good. I like changes, diversity, excitement....  I've changed my hairstyle starting last year around my birthday where it was below the shoulders and light and from there on it kept getting shorter and edgier. This new year, who know what I get done later.... let's see, no plans so far but I could be unpredictable at times. The first time I ever cut my hair A la Halle Berry, many years ago my own mother didn't recognized me. That was  funny! It was liberating to do that, I felt like a different person in a way. It grew, got my curls back once again. In 2008 I got the cut that change my life literally. It was daring, it was Rocker Chic. One day before a trip vacation to Las Vegas I decided to get the Rihanna cut, the one I went  back and still have today. But not before I got my curls back again, then long and straight and then short again. Below there's a repertoire of my Hair Diaries.
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