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Friday, January 31, 2014

CHACHA'S CLOSET : Color Me Softly

I'm afraid to paint the walls on my house but I'm not afraid to wear color.  I've been tempted to try something different than the usual beige but I can't commit to it. I'll decorate around those lousy walls with plenty of colors but that's about it. I painted the front door in a beautiful purple a la' Monica Gellar's apartment from Friends (with a framed peephole and all) but I don't seem to have the courage to paint the walls. I have a bright burgundy couch and lots of other bright color accessories thru out the house but the walls, can't touch them. And you will think that it will be easier to have a bright color wall than wearing a colorful outfit.
Matching a few pieces for example:  blazer, shoes and bag , adding a couple of colorful accessories like earrings, a  ring with some neutrals,  jeans and leopard print top works perfectly. It all blends in using the right tones. But keep in mind, there's no rules in fashion, go with your instincts. And if you are not sure about wearing too much color at once and you're afraid you might look like a rainbow, try one bright piece at a time and gradually incorporate more every time until you are satisfied with your outfit! And from there on you can built your confidence to a brighter wardrobe.

Have fun that's what counts, don't take yourself too seriously!

Love Chacha

Red Blazer: Aryn K. via Piperlime similar here Jeans: American Eagle similar here , Silk leopard print top: UO old, love this one Red Ankle strap sandals: Zara: sold out, similar here 
Bag: Kate Spade,