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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


It's been awhile, I know.... I've missed writing and posting and it's been a little over a month now.
Lots of new stuff happening including a new member in the family; Charlie.
Well Charlie is a kitten, a beautiful furry friend which was thought to be a male, but I checked and she's a beautiful little girl. She or when we thought it was a He,  I named "him" Charlie Chaplin Garcia because of dark spot under her nose that looks like a mustache, just like Charlie's. In a future post you will get to meet my beautiful little furry friend...And talking about cats, have I mentioned before how obsessed I'm with cats?
The ones with the spots as well. Since it's almost impossible to have the real ones at home, I'll stick with Charlie....and the spotted clothing and accessories.

 Love Chacha,

Silk Leopard printed dress: Joe Fresh (sold out) similar here and a little bit over my budget but very similar to mine here
Denim Jacket (old) Nude pumps (old) similar in white here and here Handbag: Kate Spade, similar on sale here and a very cute one also on sale here Sunglasses: Ray Ban, ' Cats 1000' Jewelry: Michael Kors,  Rose Gold watch;  Gold bangles: Alex & Ani. Pink bracelets; Hipanema via Crossroads Trading Co. but can be purchased here, Necklace; Handmade by Chacha for Made with Love by Chacha, Skull ring; Jardin via Belle & Clive (sold out).