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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Home Sweet Home: Decor

Some say home is where the heart is.... and I agree. I love spending time at home decorating, cooking or relaxing and not too long ago just started gardening.

Home decor is one of my past time, I enjoy changing and arranging things around or just adding bits of details here and there. I'm pretty sure that my house is about 80% antiques, vintage and thrift.
 Antiques have the mystery of whom owned it, what year is it from....what's the history? I love that mystery. Especially the weathered look, the patina, the chipped paint or rusted metal.
 My home decor style is very mixed: between beach cottage, country farm and French city. And when adding some Mexican color combo on,  it's like rainbow party in my house. To make my explanation simpler, just check one of the Anthropologie stores in the city and you'll know what I'm talking about. It's my favorite, I'll call it my "home" at times.... from the best smelling candles to the most cutest kitchen utensils you can ever find.  If you are an antique enthusiast like me, you'll love it as much.

The use of color in my home is inevitable, starting with my burgundy couch sometimes draped with a blue cashmere/suede throw or my original Mexican blanket to my various colorful Frida Kahlo pictures on my wall. If not that, a copper kettle full of colorful farmers market flowers.

Fresh flowers are a must in my home and is the best way to add color if you are not as daring as myself.
There's a lot you can do with just a few colorful accents thru out the house: window drapes, a vase or even a picture frame, one or all in coordinating colors go a long way.

 For my little man's corner like I now call it,  it's also full of vibrant colors: there's sea blue, green, shots of red, etc. I wanted something cheerful and fun, nothing with a specific theme or character. Something that he could grow into. I also implemented some nautical and cottage like pieces that are not too babyish or too grown up along with some of his colorful toys and books.

I  hope you can find some ideas for your home and if you need some advise don't shy away and email me. You can also comment on the post.
Thanks a million for stopping by....

Love, Chacha