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Monday, August 26, 2013

Mom to Mom: The Terrible Twos

What does "The terrible twos" really means? Why is it called "The terrible twos"? Does all toddlers go thru that stage? And does it always happens at two? How terrible are 'The terrible twos"?
These are some of the questions my brain is trying to process right now.
Is there a switch when toddlers turn two years old they automatically become "terrible"?
Well I just started to get a taste of  "The terrible twos". My little boy turned two exactly three weeks ago and he magically became a little storm on the works on becoming a Hurricane.

I know this is supposed to be kind of a "normal" stage for toddlers but my mom is prophesying that he's just misbehaving and acting up. That he did not acted like that not too long ago, he was always smiling and comfortable around people which he's not so much lately. Either out of shyness or just not liking to be around people much.
He's little outbursts from getting his diaper changed to wanting to open the refrigerator and get his bottle of juice out or just standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open so he can appreciate the contents of it.
It is getting serious now, today when I dropped him off at the baby sitter's house he got hysterical. I got surprised since he always smiles as soon as I ring the door bell.
It seems the stage is so accurate on time, I mean he just turned two and I'm already pulling my hair out but make note that I have a very short hair cut. And that also means that I still have 344 days out of the 365 of the year to deal with "The terrible twos".

What can I do to make it easier on both of us? How can I handle this stage and not go crazy?
I definitely need some good mom-to-mom advice on this since I'm an inexperience mom of a little storm on the works or next time I'll probably will be writing on my blog from Bellevue Hospital in a straight jacket.
Just so you have an idea of what could happen in any given moment, on Saturday after spending a very nice day with my "little storm", on our way home he got an outburst for no specific reason to my knowledge. Just imagine a NYC train full of people and this little guy is crying like there's no tomorrow.
That was one "Swallow me earth" type of moment. I cried when I got home. It was a bit overwhelming and frustrating not knowing what the problem was or how to help him feel better.

I'm researching some articles about "The terrible twos" and I found some interesting articles in Parents.com
where one particular subject got my attention; 10 Reasons to Love the Terrible Twos.
Seriously? Well is not as bad as it seems, I read it and it really is on how to handle the situations with caution. Stop and think before acting or talking to your child. There's a lot to love and appreciate during this stage of "The terrible twos".