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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Home Sweet Home; Details

Everybody has a personal style, and that translates into the way you decorate your home.
If you like classic pieces or modern it will always show.
Today's post is about those bits of details you can use to decorate your home without sacrificing your taste, budget or insanity.

For me details are very important. It's like putting an outfit together. The same goes with any room in my home. They get their own personality (decoration style) unified. To me,it makes a big difference no matter how small that detail is. Just changing the pillows on my burgundy couch to the type of flowers and color of the vase I put on my coffee table will do or even books just for show.

I'm also little bit obsessed with anything to do with the sea; seashells, the painting of a large ship hanging on my living room wall or sea blue color that pops out everywhere in my house. I do it in small doses so it coordinates with each other and does not look too matchy. And I'm in love with anything Paris (Oh la la).

Home entrance

Magnetic calendar and DIY LOVE sign

Bathroom shelf with perfums and sink

Frida Kahlo mini collection and DIY seashell mirror

Bathroom shelf and wall frames

Living room area

Get inspired, put some ideas together and don't spend too much.
Don't forget to share them with me.