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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chacha's Closet ; Beauty Essentials

Wearing "It Girl" Lipstick
 I love to wear makeup. I own eye shadows in every color of the rainbow, but I hardly wear any.
It's the one thing I would  wear only when I go out at night, or for special occasions.
I usually wear the Non-makeup-makeup. That means just wearing the basic stuff : face powder or light foundation (which I never wear, it's too heavy and I can't never find one that matches and looks natural)  mascara, lip gloss and blush,  nothing too complicated.
I wear BB cream, it's a  foundation-like moisturizer or a tinted moisturizer as it's usually called.
There's also the CC cream now, beauty companies are trying to keep up with the iPhone, next we will be wearing  ZZ creams on the face and an iPhone Z20 on our ears like earrings. So watch out for when it comes out to be the first in line to get it.
 Anyways, I've been wearing dark lips lately. I love the red/orange lipstick I got at  Sephora, called  It Girl. 
It's creamy but not too shiny, just perfect. Along with the red lips I wear light pink blush and my fave mascara of all times; the classic and best seller Maybelline Great Lash. I personally recommend it.
I'm not an expert on make-up but I do know a couple of tricks. When your mascara is on it's final days, dried out and smudging all over your eyes put it under hot running water for about a minute and you will get at least one more week worth of mascara. Try it, it really works.
 When your eyebrows are all over the place but where they need it to be spritz a bit of hairspray on a small  Spoolie brush ( I just found out that's the correct name for this tiny brush )and brush your eyebrows. They will stay neat and in place until the end of the day.

Another thing I never leave my house without it's a small bottle of perfume or at least a sample size one. Why? Well, you never know when you're going to need a spritz. Maybe you go out for lunch at a restaurant w/o ventilation in the kitchen and for sure you are going to come out smelling like you just finished your shift at the frying station in KFC.
That brings me funny memories of a girl I used to know. That bottle of perfume or cologne or any other type of good smelling something was always in her bag, no matter how big it was. She had to spray herself and sometimes the people sitting at the table behind or next to her.

My makeup bag sometimes has more than what I really need for the day but you never know when you are going to need it. Some of the stuff are necessary even if you don't wear any makeup. If you don't carry it then you'll regret why you didn't packed it. So for me these are all essentials and are needed in my bag;
  • Light tinted moisturizer or BB cream/ face powder or bronzer
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Lip balm (it's a must to prevent chapped lips)
  • Pink gloss or Red Lipstick
  • Hand cream
  • Small bottle or sample size perfume
  • It's not makeup but it's a must Altoids
  • Kleenex tissues

My Beauty Essentials 
Essie nail polish it's an extra, color; ballet slippers

3 in 1 Spoolie brush 

Spoolie brush

Brush set Essentials

Love, Chacha