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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chacha's Closet

Today I woke up late for work. So, so late that at the time I got off my bed I was supposed to be on my merry way to drop off my little boy at his babysitter's house. Imagine that.
I did get the chance to make coffee for the trip but didn't have time to put on one cent of makeup. But it's  not a big deal if I'm wearing big sunglasses a la Rachel Zoe or Nicole Richie (two fashion icons).

With the whole lateness and all,  I was able to put together a bohemian inspired look that I've been trying to master for ages.
I bought this beautiful and colorful, light as a scarf jacket/kimono cover up a long time ago, but it never looked "cool" enough on me, until today.
 I've seen lots of very fashion forward girls on Pinterest and some of the fashion blogs I follow and even Hollywood royalty but I could never nailed the boho, free spirited coolness this piece could bring to an outfit.

Being late inspired me to just throw on this whole outfit together. Should I thank
 my alarm for making me fashionably late?
My closet is still a mess, I haven't put away last year's Fall-Winter clothes yet, but it actually worked out that I didn't since cold weather season is around the corner. All I need to so is arrange, sort, hang and fold.
Below are some of my favorite stylish girls, wearing my outfit inspiration and myself inspired.
Mary from Happily Grey

Alexandra from Lovely Pepa

Kimono style jacket, necklace and handbag: Vintage shop in Chelsea
Shoes: Michael Kors,  T shirt: Gap, Jeans: 7FAM Watch: DKNY, Gold ring: Kenneth Cole, Green Tassel bracelet: Made with Love By Chacha.