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Friday, September 6, 2013

Home Sweet Home: Two in One

How am I going to decorate Oli's nursery and my side of the bedroom?
That was one of the questions I asked myself when I was pregnant two years ago.
I live in a one bedroom apt. very spacious yes, but still a little bit complicated when I wanted to do so much for my special little person on the way.

I decided, since I'm not planning to move anytime soon, then I'll make it work somehow.
I started flipping thru catalogs for ways to decorate my bedroom/nursery. Between Pottery Barn Kids and Restoration Hardware there were lots and lots of beautiful options, the problem was the budget.
Those are very expensive stores but I love everything they have in stock.

There were so many ideas around that I didn't know which one to choose, until I decide to mix two different looks into one. I didn't want to have a character or specific theme and I didn't want a "blue everything" room just because he's a boy. I went for a mix of colors and patterns with a nautical feel,  keeping in mind that it's a room for two and also wanted a decor he could grow into.

I bought a white crib and changing table as a canvas. That way it was easier to play around the colorful decorations.
I painted wide and thin stripes in two different colors, green and turquoise on one side of the bedroom ( my little boy's corner as I call it ). It was the perfect idea taken from one of the nurseries in the PB Kids catalog. Along with some decorative items I found at discounts store that were very similar to the original ones. I did purchase the bedding set thou, couldn't pass a sale and a bonus discount I got for assisting a seminar PB offered for expecting moms.
Over all,  between the decorative items, shelves from Ikea and shower curtains for the windows with exactly the same colors of the paint on the wall I almost made a replica of Pottery Barn's nursery, I'm a genius. So the lesson here is, if you love something you see in an expensive store, don't give up. What do you think T.J. Maxx, Marshall's and Home Goods stands for? Add a little bit of creativity and patience and VOILA'.