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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Home Cooking; Chicken Broccoli-Chinese Style

My palate it's very international, more like the United Nations I would say.
I like to try new things in every aspects of life, plus I love to eat.
I was rummaging one of my Pinterest boards: Yummy! Food, Drinks and Everything in Between. (by the way that's the name of my board).
It's one of my main sources to get inspired in the kitchen. I choose what kind of food I want to eat and one I can cook without too much fuss.
I try to cook at least three times a week or so. But sometimes I don't have much time when I get home from work if I want to spend time with my little boy.
 I've been finding lots of cheap and easy recipes but mostly delicious ones (being delicious is the main reason, isn't it?).
 If you are on a very lazy mode you could just order Chinese take-out, right? So you don't have to cook or wash dishes, just throw away the container, put your feet on the coffee table and relax.
I'm guilty of doing exactly that so many times, but the other day I decided to make my own take-out style Chicken Broccoli dinner.
The original recipe is from rachelraymag.com but of course you can always make some adjustments like I always do ( just don't go and replace one of the main ingredients like soy sauce or you are going to end up eating something else.)
The one I made doesn't have ginger but a little bit extra garlic. So is up to you what do you want to add or don't add. Click here to go directly to the recipe.http://www.rachaelraymag.com/Recipes/rachael-ray-magazine-recipe-search/dinner-recipes/broccoli-chicken-bowls.

And this is my little taste buddy...I think he liked it!