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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mom to Mom: A Mom's world

I used to hear so many crazy stories about new moms, how their lives turned 180 degrees,  they lose their heads with so many changes, they get paranoid, etc. and I thought the were a little too exaggerating. Up until I had a taste myself. It does changes a lot but it doesn't always for the worse.
One case I recently went thru was "The Houdini Act" ( I just came up with that name).
The disappearing act to be exact.
Just the other day I was in the kitchen doing some house chores, cooking, cleaning etc. and my little guy was playing with his toys in the living room. If he's a bit too quiet I have to check on him just to make sure every thing is in the right place:  toy cars are all over the place, Cheerios or grapes are scattered on the couch or the pillows are on the floor, etc (that's normal for me now). Well, he's not in the living room playing. I called out his name and nothing. I pass by the bathroom, nothing. I called his name again, nothing. I go to the bedroom and nothing. O.M.G.! I freaked. The front door is locked, there's no windows open, what happen to my boy!? I don't know what to think or what to do, I'm seriously freaking out. I checked all the rooms again and called out his name once again.
Until I check around the bed, where he was seating on the floor playing with the radio alarm. Uff, what a relief.
I'm pretty sure this is a common thing for kids to do, specially at the age of two. And I know most people will think that I was overreacting, I'm kind of new to this anyways. I know this is not the worse that could happen, but for me at that moment it was. So far this has been one of my Freaky-Mommy-Moments.
There were also stories about how forgetful you become when you are pregnant, not me. My forgetfulness started after I had my baby.
I forget to put coffee in the coffee maker, just water is brewing. Or I just forget to turn on the stove, so there's no coffee at all. Or better yet, pour water into the already brewed cup of coffee instead of milk.
I'm still laughing today about that but just last week I was typing a password at my work computer and at the end I typed .COM like I was entering a website instead. What's going on with me!? Is it because I'm a mom or is technology to blame? The only answer for that is : Welcome to a Mom's world, Chacha.