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Monday, September 23, 2013

Mom to Mom: Super Woman

Do mothers should have super powers in order to be considered a Super Hero?
Have the strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina and endurance of Wonder Woman?
The simple answer is no. But we are still  Super Heroes.
It helps with mommy stress
As a mom you acquire all of those qualities mentioned above, in order to be a successful  mother but most importantly not to go completely nuts.
Lately multitasking has been my middle name, between taking care of a toddler, house chores and work,  could take a toll on me but I  also try to have at least a little social or family time. You need to make time for yourself as much as possible.

But hey, I'm not complaining. I knew from the moment I got pregnant that it was not going to be  a piece of pie. At times when you have to do a million and one things around the house (9,999.99 sounds more reasonable, right? ) I find myself feeling like an octopus using my many tentacles, cleaning here, picking up there, trying to stop my little Road Runner up and down the hallway etc. it's exhausting.  I, as a single mom and any other mom even with a partner deserves the title of Super Woman.  It's not easy but we have to do it. If you are not a drinker, start ASAP ( I'm kidding ) There's a lot other ways to help you unwind;  listen to Jazz, take walks in the neighborhood or have a glass of wine or a beer. Either way you choose to help you get some stress out of your system is welcome. You can also listen to Alicia Keys song Super Woman to get inspire and keep going.

That brings me to Reasons Mommy Drinks, the book. Can I just say that this is one of the funniest books I've read since Seriously.... I'm Kidding by Ellen Degeneres.
If you want to laugh, get frighten and get drunk at the same time, buy it, borrow it or...... you know what I'm thinking but that's totally up to you to do that if you're not afraid to get booked (the irony, you might get booked for stealing a book).
 This book is absolutely funny. It walks you thru every chapter of Mommyland, from pregnancy to toddler. I can relate to most of the stuff but they are also a bit exaggerated in the book. Everybody is different, but I should warn you that if you are planning to have a family and you read this book you might want to rethink your plans. It's like entering the Haunted House on Halloween.
The best part thou, the drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks) recipes are delicious and simple. I'm planning to install a bar at my house now.

Read it, if not for the stories maybe for the drinks recipes.

Road Runner in action

Kick some fallen leaves to relieve stress
A walk in the neighborhood calms me