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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Home Cooking : Eggplants with Hickory Smoked Bacon

Not all bacon are created equal. I've been adding bacon to a few of my dishes and just recently  found the best tasty bacon I've ever had,  Hickory smoked bacon. I used to buy the regular smoked bacon because it makes food taste somehow better but with the Hickory smoked, it's just delicious. It adds a smoky, almost sweet savory to your food. My mom usually adds bacon to yellow rice with vegetables, beans and many other dishes so I've learned from her and now I'm cooking and adding it to almost everything. You're probably thinking about the calories it packs but when you add a bunch of vegetables it will balanced it out a little bit and it will change the way you think of bacon forever. So to get you started here is a yummy dish of eggplants with hickory smoked bacon.


2 medium size eggplants cut in pieces
1/2 of each sweet red, yellow and orange peppers cut in strips
Small red and yellow onions cut in pieces
Salt and pepper to taste
2 cloves of garlic
Cilantro leaves chopped
2 scallions stalks snipped
1/2 a  pack of Hickory smoked bacon (any brand) cut in pieces
2 Tb of vegetable oil


In a non-stick skillet heat the oil and cook the bacon for a couple of minutes.
Add the eggplants and cook until they are soften, almost wilted looking.
Toss the sweet peppers, salt, pepper and garlic, cook for about five more minutes and you are done.
Sprinkle with cilantro leaves and scallions, serve over rice or mashed potatoes (sweet or regular). And enjoy!

Love Chacha