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Thursday, October 24, 2013

HOME SWEET HOME : Halloween Spirit

My favorite time of the year is exactly one week away from today, and it has nothing to do with candy. As you might know already, Halloween it's my non-Holiday/Holiday. This year I decided to decorate my home in a fun/non-scary/abandoned house kind of way. My little one is in a stage where he gets "scare" with anything even with the Sponge Bob spin toothbrush I got him, he can go on a scream fest (which is very appropriate for the season by the way) but my neighbors and my ears would not appreciate it.  He should audition for a scary movie, he's really good at screeching, loud screams. Anyways, I did the "abandoned house" look on my foyer mirror. I bought the nylon "spider web" at the dollar store with plastic spiders included. The less "web" fabric you use the better, it will look more realistic and natural.
You will have people wondering how many months have passed since you did a thorough cleaning in your house. Pull a small amount and spread it on and around a mirror or large frame, it could be a small  group of framed pictures on the wall as well. Stretch it as much as possible, add the spiders in different angles and spaced out from each other and you're done.
 The word "BOO" I made it last year with wooden letters from the dollar store. I used wood stain and white paint, I used sand paper to give them an old-vintage look.
As for my Funny Faced door, I got the idea from Pinterest (seriously, this site is awesome giving you ideas on everything and anything). I was supposed to cover the door with orange paper, so I decided to buy a plastic table cloth that came out way too sheer for my dark brown door so brown face it is.
I did this project late at night so I didn't have time to buy another cover. To make the eyes and teeth I used construction paper in black and white and for the hair black streamer and attached everything with double sided tape. You can use any other "hair" color if you like, mine has black hair. To trace the round eyes I used a plate, for the inside a cup. For the teeth you can cut three pieces in 4x3 inches. And there you have it; an original, funny looking door to greet your Trick or Treaters on Halloween. BOO!

Love Chacha
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