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Monday, October 21, 2013

MOM TO MOM : Creating Traditions

For the past few weeks my little boy and I have been going on Sundays strolls in our neighborhood. Well, I walk while my boy rides his scooter.
Since we started our little routine, I've noticed how quiet and relaxing it is to just forget about everything else at home and just let it be. Of course there's the usual cars passing by and sirens going off but overall is tranquil. We usually go after 10am, when all my neighbors seems to be tuck in bed still, maybe they are not morning people, which is fine by me.
With Autumn full on, it makes our walk  more memorable,  walking by  watching the changing foliage, feeling the crisp breeze and bathing in sun rays on any given Sunday. My little one really enjoys riding his scooter and I love to walk, so this past Sunday I decided to take some pictures that commemorates the Fall Season.
I took his little red wagon and filled it up with some mini pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn and then added some fallen leaves that we picked up on the way.
It was so fun seeing him pulling his little red wagon down the street, and that got me thinking how little we need to have fun.
It makes our bond stronger, just  sharing simple, silly moments only the two of us. I want him to enjoy and appreciate the simple pleasures an individual can get and value nature as is. I also learned that you don't need lots of money to entertained a toddler as long as you have some snacks stashed in your bag and you're good to go.
Another cool activity/outing we like is the annual Kids Fall Fest hosted by Time Out Mag. This annual Fall festival is packed with various activities, games, music and snacks all free of charge. We've been going for the past couple of years and it will soon be part of our little tradition as well.

All I want for my little one is to be able to have joyful memories, at least with pictures for now. But in the long run, he will be able to appreciate the small wonders of our little Mommy & Me traditions.

Love Chacha.