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Friday, July 25, 2014


A painter uses a white canvas and brings life to it using color. I use a black canvas the same way.
It doesn't matter if you use just one color to pop against your canvas, it will still brighten them up no matter if your canvas is black or white. It's no secret that I love every single color on the rainbow, the trick is to know how to play with them and implement them in your wardrobe. It's funny how this all played up today with my outfit... I just purchased a ticket to go to the The Color Festival tomorrow. That my friends should be, will be and is FUN!
Have a very Happy & Colorful weekend everyone.

Dress: Vintage find, love this one and this one, Gold Platform sandals: Michael Kors, similar style here, love this one, Banjara Boho Clutch: via Etsy.com, various choices and vendors, similar hereherehere Sunnies: RayBan Mirroed Aviators,  Jewelry: Michael, Kors: Rose Gold Watch, Boho Pink bracelet: Ipanema, Alex & Ani, Bangles, Skull Ring, Jardin and Gold rings, Madewell