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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Are you like me always waiting for the last minute to shop and decorate for Halloween or any other celebration? I just finished decorating my home last week. Mind you that this is my favorite non-holiday Holiday, as I like to call it. I still need to submit my petition to make it an official Holiday.
But for now let me give you a couple of tricks with some treats in order to have a great time waiting for this Spooktacular day of the year as well as to enjoy the day itself by spending just a couple of bucks. Like many people myself included, I don't want to spent hundreds dollars on my Halloween home decoration;  unless I'm going to get some profit out of it with a haunted house theme or having a party you don't need to go all Family Adams style. With just a few pumpkins, gourds and a few spider webs here and there, you can still celebrate and have fun in Halloween like it should be.

For my home decor I decided to go very light on the spooky theme, I have a toddler and a cat, I don't want to scare them either. So one likes to touch things, play "ball" with the mini pumpkins and the other one likes to scratch, jump and climb everywhere. So I have to minimize dangling things. I bought one bag of plastic spiders and web for $1.49 and trick to have a real-looking spider web is to use as little as possible and stretch it out until you get the look. Spread it all across mirrors, frames and any other props you are going to use. Find a couple of very old books if you want, an antiqued candle holder and a vase with some dried flowers or branches and you are going to get an abandoned house look with only a few pieces, just use your imagination. You can stop by your local Salvation Army or Goodwill store and get the books and candle holder for less than $5. It's very simple to get  a Spooky Chic and Cheap Halloween and  the smallest details can make a big difference. Hope you have fun decorating and have a very Spooktacular Halloween!